Tuesday, July 15, 2008

More Marine Rumors-a-go-go

...this time from Corton on warseer:

I spoke to GW Customer Service rep from the UK this morning who had the Codex in front of him, and picked his noodle a bit. Sounds so odd when they say Good Afternoon and its 7:30 AM here. Got a few tidbits for Iron Hands players:

Master of the Forge:
Current Techmarine stats w BS5 and LD10-100 pts
2+ Sv. no inv.
Servo Harness for free
Large Weapon range options(combi wpns., T-Hammer, etc.)
Can replace Harness w Conversion Beamer(+20pts). The further it is fired the more potent it becomes.
Str. 6 AP4/Blast @ 6" to Str 10 AP 1/Blast at 42" or more
Allows Dreadnoughts to be taken as Heavy Support AND Elites.
Has special rule that allows for one piece of terrain in your Deployment Zone to be given an improved Cover Save by +1 at the atart of the game(fortifications or some-such).

Chaplains are WS 5, BS 4, 3+ sv.
Commanders are WS6, but have limited ranged weapon options.

No Terminator Sgts for Tactical, Assault, Devastator squads. Kind of a bummer, bit I'll live.

Techmarines still have Servitor Retinues(0-4 models), but may leave them as a separate unit. The downside; they only operate on a 4+ if left alone.

The weapon options (free stuff) is correct if taken as a 10 man unit.

You may still have variable squad sizes(6-9), but you get nothing else besides the Sgt n his options. No special n Heavy Weapons.


The Conversion Beamer sounds sweet, can't wait to get my grubby paws on one. Also, looks like it's a good thing I've already re-structured my army list to include 10 man squads that break up into combat squads...


  1. Oh how I have missed the conversion beamer! Once upon a time it did damage proportional to the armor that it hit. In the old fluff it converted mass to energy. So, the more mass the target has, the bigger the boom!

  2. Looks like we'll be getting more boom with more distance, but either way...I'm all about MORE BOOM! :)

  3. Any notes on the Dreadnaught Hammer? I read it somewhere off BoLS, sounded pretty interesting, something about pounding away difficult terrain with rerolls. This would go perfecting with my up and coming Salamanders army ;) Plus I suppose an update on the Sallys character would be nice if there has been one.

  4. Hi gibbtall, welcome!

    The only thing I've heard about the Ironclad Dreadnought's weapon -- I think it's called a "siege drill" -- is that it is supposed to be close to the FW weapon on the siege dreadnought, which is in one of the IA books (unfortunately, I don't know which one). As for the Sallys character, there really hasn't been anything new that I've seen. If you care to wade through it, though, there are rumor threads on both Warseer and Bolter + Chainsword that have the occasional tidbit of new news.