Friday, April 18, 2008

Move AND Shoot!

So after playing a bit more with my existing army list, I've come to a hard, ugly conclusion. As far as tournaments go, a "static gunline" is simply not the way to go.

So my list is going through a bit of a paradigm shift, made with the mantra, "If you can't move AND shoot, you're OUT!"

While I haven't totally eliminated everything that can't move and shoot (staying still is simply how you have to play it with heavy weapons) I've minimized the static squads down to 2, with one of them being a devastator squad -- the other being a 5-man tac squad with a heavy bolter.

Granted, this is a rough draft list here, but it is an idea of my current line of thinking...

HQ: Terminator Librarian & Command Squad
1 Codicier (Force Weapon; Storm Bolter; Psychic Hood; Terminator Armor, Fury of the Ancients)
Terminator Command Squad:
3 Terminator Command Squad (Power Fist (x2); Storm Bolter (x2); Chain Fist (x1); Assault Cannon (x1))
1 Sergeant (Power Weapon (x1); Storm Bolter(x1))
1 Land Raider (TLHB; TWLC (x2); EA; PotMS; Smoke)

Troops: 8 Man PG Tac Squad
7 Tactical Squad
(Bolter (x6); Plasmagun (x1))
1 Sergeant (Bolter)
1 Rhino (Storm Bolter; EA; Smoke)

Troops: 8 Man PG Tac Squad
7 Tactical Squad
(Bolter (x6); Plasmagun (x1))

1 Sergeant (Bolter)

Troops: 8 Man Flamer Tac Squad
7 Tactical Squad (Bolter (x6); Flamer (x1))
1 Sergeant (Bolt Pistol & CCW)

Troops: 5 Man HB Squad

4 Tactical Squad
(Bolter (x3); Heavy Bolter (x1))

1 Sergeant (Bolter)
1 Razorback (TLHB, EA, Smoke)

Heavy Support: 6 Man 4 ML Devastator Squad
5 Devastator Squad (Bolter (x1); Missile Launcher (x4))
1 Sergeant (Bolter)

HQ: Jump Chaplain
1 Reclusiarch (Frag Grenades; Bolt Pistol (x1); Crozius Arcanum; Rosarius; Jump Pack, Terminator Honors)

Fast Attack: Assault Squad
9 Assault Squad (Jump Packs; Frag Grenades; Bolt Pistol (x7); Close Combat Weapon (x9); Plasma Pistol (x2))
1 Sergeant (Jump Packs; Frag Grenades (squad); Plasma Pistol (x1); Power Fist (x1); Terminator Honors)

Elite: Dreadnought (1#, 120 Pts)
1 Dreadnought (AC; ML; EA)

Heavy Support: Predator Annihilator
1 Predator Annihilator (Twin Linked Lascannon; Heavy Bolter (x2))

Total Roster Cost: 1990, thoughts, comments, suggestions?