Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Random Pictures from the Floor of BoLScon 2009

I just downloaded the BoLScon pics from the camera, and thought I'd share a random sampling. I'm not even going to try and comment on them, though if you have any questions I'll try to answer them. BoLScon was amazing -- you'd never have guessed it was the inaugural event, especially with the huge turnout. Hats off to everyone at Bell of Lost Souls for a great job, a fun event, and a fantastic weekend!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Either the Best, or the Worst...

All right, OK, I know! It's been like a hundred years since I posted anything. I've been busy, guys, very busy, and a lot of that busy has actually been gaming-related (though there's definitely been some work and personal life stuff in the mix as well).

What have I been up to? Well let's see...the biggest Time Consumer has been the Star Phantoms army (whoever guessed them as my "secret project" when I posted the "Palette Portrait", you WIN!...the non-existent prize!). I'm very pleased with how far along I've managed to get with it, despite some false starts and a couple of "new painting method" mishaps that resulted in an entire tac squad going into the Simple Green for stripping (yes, it was THAT bad!). I'll toss some WIP pics up later, as well as the list (which may or may not be seeing daylight at BoLSCON this weekend) for your amusement. I tried a very, very different approach to list building for the Phantoms -- basically the "anti-version" of my current Ultras list...nary a single Land Raider in sight! But they're meant to play in a dramatically different way than my Ultras, too, so hopefully it won't suck. :)

Speaking of BoLS, another thing that's been keeping me on my toes is I've been a moderator on Bell of Lost Soul's new Lounge. So if you've been over there say "hi" (yep, I'm CrusherJoe there as I am here) and if you haven't been over to check it out...SHAME ON YOU! Get off your butt and go check it out -- now! :) And speaking of BoLSCON, are any of you planning on going? I can personally vouch that it is going to be a righteous, rocking con -- there's more prize support than you can carry off in two wheelbarrow trips and the sceanrios, terrain, the whole thing is going to be fantastic. Let me know if you're going so we can meet! I'll be there all weekend long (I won't be staying the night, as I literally live only 3 miles north on I-35 from the Doubletree Hotel) but I'll be there pretty much from open to close. I'd like to get some games in with you guys if anyone's going to be down! Or if not, then we can grab some beers and see some what I'm certain is going to be some very kickass gaming going on. :)

Let's see, what else? Oh, I started BattleFleet Gothic (two fleets finally taken out of their shipping containers and touch up work has begun (4 of the Chaos cruisers spent some time in Simple Green "wetdock") and I've got a starter list ready for my Chaos and Imperial Navy fleets. And if that weren't enough, I've also compiled an Epic Space Marine army, which has grown into a very playable army in a very short period of time (Go go gadget Ebay auction winning tools. There are a few local Epic players and I'm looking forward to throwing down with them very, very soon (as in, after BoLSCON).

So now, we're pretty much caught up with what I've been up to.

However, that's not really what I wanted to post about.

No, you see, I was up late (again), working (yes, *sigh* again!) and thinking a little bit about 40K army lists, maybe even doing a little blog-reading and Lounge modding between tasks...and suddenly, it hit me...Either the Best -- or the Worst -- Army List of All Time:

Converted Sisters of Battle on Space Marine bikes.

We'll call them "The Emperor's Cycle Sluts from Hell" until I can think of a more appropriate act of punnery to make the concept and the name complete (and NOW you know why I chose that leading picture, hmm? Yes, that's the actual "Cycle Sluts from Hell" band. Cute, huh?) :)

Anyway, yeah, these are the things that rattle around in my head late at night.

What's the craziest army list/concept you've ever come up with? And for bonus points: Did you actually build your crazy list and play it? (And know that if you -did-, you've gained a new level in Geekery, please update your stats and choose one more Advantage of 15 points or less!)