Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Floodgates Open

Wow, here we are just a few weeks away from Sixth Edition, and finally the rumor floodgates have opened and begun to spew forth information...

There's a quite a few places where rumors are put up piecemeal, but Imperius Dominatus has a fantastic round-up that seems to cover quite a bit.

You can tell that we're still in the "not definite" stages as there are a few rumors that contradict each other -- not a bad thing, there's going to be things like that when you have different sources of information. Oddly enough, looking through some of the rumors it would appear that some of the changes from the "orphan ruleset" from earlier this year were actually correct -- namely, the change in phase order from Move-Shoot-Assault to Move-Assault-Shoot. I can't decide if I like that change or not -- there's another rumor that said consolidation into assault was back in a la 4th Edition. If so, assault-centric armies are going to be absolutely brutal.

Change is definitely in the wind, gang, and it looks like this summer is going to be a wild ride indeed as our favorite game changes dramatically.

I, for one, and ready for these changes as it's become harder and harder to enjoy a game of 5th Edition these last couple of weeks. I'm ready for some new options, some new ways of playing, and for some new fun from the game I love.

What say you?

Monday, March 12, 2012

Adepticon 2012

All right!

Plane tickets purchased.

Hotel accommodations secured, reservation confirmation number acquired.

I'm ready for Adepticon.

This is my first year going, and I'm pretty pumped!

I'll be playing in the team tournament and attending a painting class...and wanting to meet some people and maybe play some pick-up games.

Who's going this year?

Thursday, March 1, 2012

This just in...

...even having one of the best "netlists" ever built won't save you from bad decisions and dice that just won't go your way.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present my helping of humble pie

...which is entertaining in that I thought I was actually doing pretty go with the ol' Leafblower after coming in third in a local tournament a couple of weeks ago.

So I ask you: when was the last time you had a nice, steamin' slice of humble pie? Was it tasty? What did you learn?

Friday, January 20, 2012

Yay, I Have Something to Talk About!

Hey gang!

I often operate under the creed that I write when I have something to say.

Lately, in all the hubbub of the 6th Edition rumors and mysterious files appearing out of nowhere and people trying to figure out if they're real (my Magic 8-Ball keeps coming up with, "Signs Point to Yes", but what does it know?) and all the other goings-on, well, I haven't really felt like I had anything original to say. It's not that I haven't been doing...things...I've been doing book reviews for BoLS lately (the latest being the one for Hammer & Anvil that went up a few days ago). But while that's writing, that's for BoLS and not really content for my personal blog (though BigRed would disagree).

Anyway...what do I have to talk about? What interesting thing that is uniquely mine?

I now own a piece of 40K history.

You see, a while back, Darkwynn (a friend of mine) decided to sell the infamous Leafblower army, the one he won 'Ard Boyz 2009 with, the one that started an entire army genre.

On a whim, I bought it.

I've gotten a couple of games in with it, and even had a learning game against Darkwynn to get a handle on how to play this army. I can safely say it's not nearly as lethal in my hands as it was in his -- in fact, I've joked about re-naming it "Petal Pusher". It plays very differently than my beloved power-armored dudesmen. I have also proven that you can lose, and lose badly, with the army if you don't know what you're doing with it.

So I'm going to chronicle some of my misadventures in learning a new army, and prove that it's really not the list, it's the general that makes all the difference along the way.

Does that mean I'm abandoning my other armies? Tossing aside the GKs? Forgetting my Ultramarines (which this blog is named after)? Nope. But I've been craving something different lately, and this fits the bill perfectly.

Ever feel the need to really switch things up? What do you do when you feel the need to expand your horizons? Does the spectre of public humiliation of losing with what should be a great army ever hold you back?