Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dremel Wizards, Anyone?

Recently my dad gave me a Dremel with a box of accessories, and I'm all a-twitchin' to put it to use.

I have a couple of questions I thought I'd put out there for any Dremel wizards that might be lurking to hopefully answer.

I normally use chopped up paperclips for pinning purposes. I have a tiny pin vise drill bit that I use to make the holes, which is the exact right size. Can -- or should -- I use a Dremel for this? I have some metal models that are going to require pinning and I would much rather use the Dremel for this if possible.

I have Lysander and I need to remove some Imperial Fists iconography (odd for an Ultramarines player to have to grind off icons, I know, and the irony of it hasn't escaped me). I'm assuming I should use one of the "grinding wheels" for this -- either one of the pink or one of the green -- but I'd rather not "practice" with a "production model" if you know what I mean. :) So...what should I use?

Is there an accessory that I can use to polish/smooth some things made of green, brown, and grey stuff? What about regular plastic? I'm thinking with some practice and a steady hand the Dremel could possibly be used for mold line removal chores. Any thoughts on this?

What other uses have you found for this amazing tool? Any hints/techniques you'd like to share?