Thursday, September 4, 2008

Things that Seem to be Mocking Me Lately

In my ongoing effort to make this blog suck less, I broke out a crap-tacular digital camera I've had hiding in a file cabinet in my home office and thought I'd see if it would work for getting a few simple pictures. You guys are lucky! I'm sharing the results of my experiments with you!

As I've mentioned, a seri
es of RLEs (Real Life Events) has kept me from doing any modeling or gaming lately. I've forgotten what the inside of my FLGS looks like. My fingers itch to hold a handful of dice in them.

The problem is -- and this is a strictly personal problem I'll admit -- I feel like when you take such a hiatus from your gaming community, when you come back, you should come back hard, with a large completed hobby project that blows everyone away, as if to say, "See, I wasn't slacking! Look! This is what consumed all my time and kept me away from the game tables!" Which is all well and good if you've actually done some impressive project, but if you're like me, and you haven't, but feel like you should have...see what I mean?

Anyway, here's a few
of the things that have been vexing me lately. Things I have at least started working on, but due to the afore-mentioned RLEs, have languished...

Ah, yes, first off is my VERY WIP terminator librarian. As you can see, not much progress. So many little details on this mini! I'm pretty happy with the face, though.

Next up on the ol' Hit Parade of Shame is a trio of the "snap-fit" space marines from the little $8.00 box they're selling now. If you're like me, and you suffer from COMBS (Compulsive-Obsessive Model Buying Syndrome) you really hate to leave a FLGS without buying something. Last trip I made to the FLGS, these were by the cash register. They're all ready to be primed and painted. Oh, this picture has some shame bonus point content, too. In the plastic container these guys are standing on is a complete 5-man tactical squad, also with all mold lines removed and ready for the ol' prime-and-paint.

Ah, yes, these guys. All sitting in their box, still on the frame. *sigh* I was going to build them all with lightning claws. Looks like that's going to change with the improved storm shield in the new codex. With that in mind, I guess you could say not getting these guys done sooner has worked out in my favor.

Last -- but certainly not least -- this is something that will actually help my whole modeling situation. Yep, that's a new desk/workspace. It's still in the box (sound familiar?) but for a good reason. I'm moving to a new, more spacious apartment in October. Since I really don't have the space for it in the current place I thought I'd just leave it in the box for easier moving and then assemble it after settling in. Finally! I'll have a dedicated space to work on my hobby stuff! I can't wait!

So...what's been vexing you lately?


  1. Welcome back, no need for a fancy project to hop back in the saddle.

    I like the Librarian, he is coming along nicely.

    As for vexing me... the huge, partially constructed Imperial Palace that sits covering the entire floor in my work room. Even the dog has to step over it to get to her bed under my workbench.

    That and lots of other little "that would be cool to do" projects that seem to pop up every other day.

  2. I think I've got the 'COMBS' pretty bad too. It seems there is always at least a blister pack of something I need at the FLGS... or maybe a pot of paint... or... something! As sad as it is, my current Titan project could end up saving me money as I don't have time to visit the FLGS just for giggles anymore.

    I just recently got a new work area myself! I have crap spread all over already... my hobby is like a goldfish, it grows to fit it's environment... more room = more junk!

    I'd not worry about the boxes of stuff unfinished. I too have a box of terminators that are still on the sprues! And you could always look at the tac marine glass as half full... they aren't done, but they are ready to prime at least!

  3. Thanks for the compliment on the libby...he's become my painting challenge of the year.

    As for the other stuff, I didn't even go into the other stuff that's sitting around, mostly still on the frame.

    I also failed to mention the complete Chaos Space Marine army that I've acquired via Ebay and trading with local guys. It's going to have to be stripped and started over. Oh, yeah, and the Balrog model I got to be a daemon prince...

    The list, it seems, only gets longer, never shorter. :)

  4. @seemyinnergeek: I've been keeping up with your Titan project on your blog, it's definitely coming along nicely!

    As for the tac squad, I think I'm going to build up a couple of them with heavy weapons (probably lascannons) because it just seems like I can never have enough anti-tank. I'm also planning on getting the Assault on Black Reach set, and using some of the marines in there as regular tac squad guys, and some of them -- the ones with the bolters with slings hanging down -- as Sternguard (after adding scopes to the bolters, which I have plenty of from several tac marines frames). I'm going to have plenty of them, too, as I'm working a trade with a local Ork player to take his marine minis for my Ork ones.

    Yep...the list GROWS!! :)

  5. I feel your pain - new job's taking it's toll at the mo' - still, as I have no car and no LGS at all in the local town, I'm okay for COMBS at least!

    Solidarity, Brother: patience is a virtue. Besides, it's better to have them sitting in the box than to try to afford them in a couple of months, eh?

    - Comrade Drax

  6. My hobby is like a Goldfish... what a great analogy.

  7. Crusherjoe. Welcome back.

    I regularly resist the urge to buy mini's... but with beer running at around £3 a pint, models just get cheaper and cheaper...

    Keep up the painting it's looking slick.