Monday, February 18, 2008

And lastly today...Assault Marine Conga Line!

Over the weekend Otis and I played a little against Angel's "Movie Marines". The idea behind them is they are like action-movie heroes, and they are ridiculously, wonderfully broken. For example, the lascannon on their razorback shoot all the way across the board, killing every model it touches. Unless one of the models makes a save -- which then "stops" the beam in its tracks. Well, it just so happened that the first model the beam "hit" was my jump chaplain, who apparently rubbed his Rosarius, made the sign of the Aquila and muttered, "The Emperor protects, bitch." (that was Angel's "fluff" explanation for his making the 4+ Invulnerable save that basically saved...well, everyone). Next turn, my entire assault squad makes a conga line behind the chaplain. Hey, it was the ONLY chance they had to not get vaporized! :)

All things considered, playing against "Movie Marines" is both an exercise in futility and more than a little fun. If you haven't done it, at least give it a turn or two. It'll be painful, but it will oh-so-clearly demonstrate what a real broken unit and army list is.

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