Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Some Non-40K Creativity

I know this is a bit of a departure -- and in a way something I sort-of promised myself I wouldn't do -- but here's something I've been working on in the background. It's a test render of a panel from a webcomic (of sorts) that I've been working on...for a while now. The character's name is "Dottie" and she's the co-pilot to "CJ" in a story called "Coast-to-Coast Murder Tour". It would seem that Poser and a pile of add-ons finally allow me to create the characters as I've seen them in my head. The next step is to get Cinema 4D running with it's "Sketch and Toon" rendering engine that will turn the wonderfully-detailed 3D world of Poser characters into something resembling...Grand Theft Auto, or a high-end comic book. That's the "world look" I've always wanted to be able to create for CTCMT and I think it may finally be within my grasp.

Will the whole project ever see the light of day? Maybe. :)