Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Company Champion

I decided to set aside my terminator librarian for a bit and as a little "pick me up" I thought I'd work on my company champion. I was able to fit him in by dropping terminator honors from my chaplain and the chainfist from my terminator squad. I figure my termies shouldn't ever be close enough to a tank to assault it (I've only used it once in any game I've played with my termies).

That means I'm losing one attack from the chaplain, but gaining 2 with the champ (3 on the charge) and the icing on the Twinkie is they're power weapon attacks, too.

I'll test him out tomorrow night and see if he makes any real difference. My main reason for taking him is he seems fluff-tastic and I can't say I've seen one on the battlefield before...which may mean he's not worth it, points-wise, but that's OK.

There's nothing wrong with a little experimentation, right?


  1. Company Champion sounds cool. I don't personally have one, but I may get one eventually.. when I get back to my marines. Any chance of some pics of this fellow when he's done?

  2. If I get my camera situation straightened out, then yes. :)

    Basically, though, he's a normal SM with a tabard, power sword and bolt pistol/combat shield combo.

    Oh...and a gold helmet, with modified shoulder pads.

    Tried him out in a Apoc game the other day. How did he do? Didn't get to swing. The master and chaplain slaughtered the noise marines they charged in to on the first round. Ouch.